Growing cannabis is easy and everyone can do it.

It is as simple as maintaining a normal plant in your home.

But when you want to grow your own cannabis plant for the first time and start reading about growing weed, there is often a lot going on: both doubts and questions.

For example a question like: what is the difference between feminized and autoflowering seeds and which one can I choose best?

Please read on. We explain it in an easy way.

Differences between feminized seeds and feminized autoflower seeds

Although there are many different cannabis species, two species are the most popular: feminized seeds and autoflower seeds.

To find out the main differences between feminized and autoflowering seeds, you will find all the information below.

Moreover, we show you the advantages of these two types so that you can easily make a choice.


“Feminized” refers to “female”. Feminized cannabis seeds are therefore specially bred seeds that eliminate male chromosomes and only produce female plants.

Most growers who want to grow weed opt for feminized seeds because a female plant only develops smokable cannabis buds.

In addition, compared to a male plant, a female plant develops significantly more active substances such as THC and CBD.

Smokable buds begin to grow when the plant receives less sunlight. This is towards the end of the summer.

The transition into autumn.

Indoor growers will have to mimic the autumn by (gradually) adjusting their light scheme.

Although adjusting a light scheme isn’t difficult, it does require the some knowledge.


Feminized seeds develop female plants.

This prevents pollination of male plants.

Every plant will grow smokable cannabis

Optimum utilization of the available space

Feminized seeds are almost 100% free of hermaphrodites.

Higher weed production than autoflowers.

The quality of the taste and the effect is generally better than with autoflowers

Plants from feminized seeds produce fewer leaves than autoflowers

In contrast to autoflowers, non-autoflowers (female plants) can be pruned


In addition to feminized seeds, you can opt for feminized autoflower seeds.

These are female seeds and have the same characteristics as feminized seeds, but there is an important difference to recognize.

Where feminized seeds begin to flower as soon as they receive less sunlight (or artificial light) an autoflower will start to flower on the basis of age.

For this, the grower doesn’t have to adjust his lighting schedule or wait for the arrival of autumn. Growing an autoflower is therefore much easier than a female plant from feminized seeds.


The plant automatically blooms without you having to do anything.

Standard 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness is sufficient to achieve maximum results.

Like feminized seeds, feminized autoflower seeds develop female plants.

The autoflowers develop smokable cannabis, just like feminized seeds.

Because of their crossing with the ruderalis plant the plant grows less tall and requires less maintenance.

Autoflowers are more resistant to temperature fluctuations, pests and mold.

Outdoor growers can harvest more often and earlier (sometimes even twice a summer when growing outdoors).

What is better: feminized or autoflower?...

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for.

Experienced growers are more likely to opt for feminized seeds.

This has several reasons.

The yields are generally better and of higher quality.

In addition, plants derived from feminized seeds allow various breeding and training methods. A grower is therefore more flexible.

Beginners and growers who are looking for convenience will rather opt for a feminized autoflower.

Mainly because of the simplicity with which the plant can be grown, the limited plant height and the high resistance against mold, vermin and plant diseases.