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Type: INDICA 35 % - SATIVA 65 %

White Gorilla Haze Feminized by White Label has an impressive parentage.

Both Silver Haze and Amnesia Haze are strains noted for their high THC content, and Gorilla Glue has an extraordinary coating of cannabinoid-rich resin glands.

White Label White Gorilla Haze inherits its uplifting high from the Haze side of its ancestry, and its frosting of trichomes from all its parents, especially Gorilla Glue.

Resin glands cover the buds of White Gorilla Haze, as well as the single-bladed leaves growing from flower clusters, the stems below those clusters, and even some fan leaves and branches.

Growth pattern of White Gorilla Haze Feminized by White Label

White Gorilla Haze Feminized cannabis seeds are 35% indica, 65% sativa.

In the hands of experienced natural-light cultivators, they can be grown in a greenhouse.

Outside, in a Mediterranean climate, the plants can produce huge yields, as long as the local climate remains sunny throughout October.

Large White Gorilla Haze plants grown in natural light may need support from a trellis or stake, as their flower production can become too heavy for their slender branches.

Indoors is where White Gorilla Haze feminized cannabis seeds most easily reach their full potential of yield and resin production.

This mostly-sativa strain has a low growing odour and will usually add 200 or even 300% to its vegetated height as it blooms.

This means that seed plants and clones can be put into flower at 30 cm or less, to reach a final height of around 100 cm.

SOG, ScrOG and lollipopping are all suitable methods for maximising the yield of White Gorilla Haze.

The longest-flowering phenotypes also perform well indoors at larger sizes. This is because their high flower-to-foliage ratio enables grow-lights to illuminate the whole plant without much shading from the leaves.

The flowering pattern of White Gorilla Haze is a joy to behold, as it expresses both its indica and sativa genetics.

Resin production begins early, while calyxes are still appearing in pairs at each node.

It then greatly accelerates as the buds expand along the branches and main stem.

The fastest flowering phenotypes of White Gorilla Haze have the most solid flower clusters and the least internodal expansion.

The buds of medium- and long-flowering plants usually ‘run’ along stem and branches as their calyxes swell in size.

This closes the gaps and creates huge colas.

All phenotypes of White Gorilla Haze display this strain’s outstanding resin production.

Harvested buds remain sticky to touch even when dried and cured.

Like its Gorilla Glue parent, breaking up the flower clusters of White Gorilla Haze by hand can leave fingers almost glued together by resin.

It may even gum up scissors and grinders!