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Type: INDICA 80 % / SATIVA 20 %
THC: 20 %

Cookies by LaMota Seeds is trendy as hell.

This feminised cannabis seed has it all: taste, colour, aroma, resistance, nice and lingering effects, and a 9-out-of-10 yield.

Rumour has it that she derives from the cross of a Chemdawg and a Cherry Pie from the U.S. West Coast; others argue that her origins are in a Durban x Florida OG Kush cross.

What we do know is that she’s super tasty, incredibly resinous and extraordinarily smelly.

No wonder she’s in the world’s Top 10!

Rookies should bear in mind that Cookies doesn’t put up with temperature swings, humidity and staking as well as other genetics, meaning she may turn out a bit more complicated to grow than expected.

Her numerous side branches make her particularly suitable for SOG, super-cropping or SCROG. The efforts will eventually pay off with some mind-boggling rock-hard buds fully covered by a thick layer of resin trichomes.

Her powerful and long-lasting effect it’s far from the couch-locking sensation some 20% THC strains usually produce.

Rather, it’s perfect for any time.