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Type: INDICA 75 % / SATIVA 25 %

Old School Skunk 2.0 by LaMota Seeds is a world-renowned legendary strain with over 30 years of age.

This 75% Indica / 25% Sativa feminised cannabis seed has been stabilised to the limit, which is a major improvement of the old school strain.

Old School Skunk 2.0 is so stable that all phenos seem identical, with well-built structures. No wonder people think they’re clones.

And to top it off, she’s a monster-yielder capable of producing bountiful crops after 50 days of flowering only.

Old School Skunk 2.0 buds are dense and elongated, full of thick pistils that turn orange with the passing of time.

Fast and vigorous, she loves being pampered though she’s not particularly demanding and bravely puts up with pests and diseases.

Old School Skunk 2.0, true to her name, gives off a strong skunky aroma.

Get yourself some good anti-odour filters if you don’t want the aroma to spread all over your neighbourhood!!