EWE - 2
3ud. € 33.00
5ud. € 55.00
10ud. € 110.00
Type: 100 % INDICA
THC: 18 - 21 %
CBD: 0.1 %

High yields and good overall features..

The origins of Ewe-2 are kept a secret.

It is a compact vigorous marijuana plant that needs to grow for a long time and that implies cutting the upper end so that it can reach a decent size before flowering and so that light can penetrate and lead to an optimum yield.

It produces good amounts of dense, crown-shaped buds both indoors and outdoors in dry, warm, sunny, temperate and Mediterranean climates.

An oasis of peace...

HSO gives you a piece of tranquillity.

The aroma of Ewe-2 resembles that of ripe fruit and sandalwood.

The flavor has a pleasant earthy edge and its powerful, relaxing, long-lasting effect is an invitation to rest.

To cut it short, a cannabis strain that provides a soothing breeze.