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Type: 70 % SATIVA / 30 % INDICA

Looking for a feminized sativa cannabis strain that’s high-yielding and easy to grow outdoors, even in cold climates? Mexican Sativa Feminized is the new expression of our sativa dominant, ever-popular Mexican Sativa.

It displays the vigorous growth, impressive height and elegant, elongated buds of the original. These traits derive from genetics originating in the Southern Mexican region of Oaxaca. How did we adapt this exotic cannabis variety to northern climates?

By blending it with the notoriously robust African sativa Durban.

A dash of a hash plant cultivar from Pakistan reduced the flowering time. It also further reinforced the resistance to cold.

Next, the most outstanding offspring from this line were back-crossed with the original Oaxacan. This fully expressed its singular traits, which are much sought after by sativa lovers.

Finally, for this new variation on a Sensi Seeds favourite, we created and stabilized the feminized version of Mexican Sativa.

One of its most interesting characteristics is a slight variation in phenotypes. Two are classic sativa shapes, tall with long internodal gaps and long, slender buds.

The third, less common phenotype is an indica-oriented expression.

This has a more xmas-tree shape and somewhat chunkier buds.

The plants will respond to training, tying down and super-cropping no matter which phenotype they are.

These techniques can be used to further increase Mexican Sativa Feminized’s already substantial yield.

They are applicable whether the seeds are grown in a garden, a greenhouse or a growroom.

Mexican Sativa Feminized wins praise from many of our fans as a versatile strain. It will thrive indoors as well as out.

As an added benefit, the buds are quite mould-resistant thanks to their loose structure. However, cultivators should be aware that these beautiful plants can easily quadruple in size during their flowering period, which can be ten weeks long.

In the great outdoors, especially in warm or temperate areas, this can result in trees over two metres tall! Indoors, this can be reduced and controlled by keeping the vegetation period shorter than usual.

Pinching out is also useful.

This creates a bushier growth pattern. Mexican Sativa Feminized’s lateral branches will respond well to this technique.

The flavours of Mexican Sativa Feminized are an exciting blend of sandalwood, floral and pine. During the vegetation and flowering periods, the odour is on the subtle side.

Once the flowers are properly cured, however, the layers of scent come fully into their own.

When consumed, the flavours have a similar profile and more complexity becomes apparent. Topnotes of liquorice and citrus come to the fore, and basenotes of earthy, woody spice.

For those looking for a change from the usual Haze flavours of strong sativa cannabis strains, this exotic Oaxacan is sure to please!

Mexican Sativa Feminized gives the consumer a powerful, energetic high.

This strain is a great choice for physical activities.

Most users report strong feelings of euphoria, accompanied by (sometimes uncontrollable) giggling! Inexperienced consumers are advised to start slow. This cuts down on the chance of paranoia and increases enjoyment.

It is especially recommended if the plants have had a lot of light and gained in strength. Yet there is an element of relaxation in the effect of Mexican Sativa Feminized too.

This derives from the hash plant part of its heritage. It tempers the high with a pleasant, gentle body-stone.

Mexican Sativa Feminized is a great variety for daytime use.

The effects are satisfyingly long-lasting, making Mexican Sativa Feminized even better value for money.

Mexican Sativa Feminized is an excellent choice for both beginner and experienced cultivators.

If you are looking for a strong, uplifting sativa with an exotic taste, look no further! These feminized cannabis seeds will grow well either indoors or outdoors.

Gardeners in cold and cool climates especially enjoy the hardiness and resilience of this strain.

And everyone will appreciate how affordable it is.