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Pack 5 uds. € 35.00
Crossing: Lilly x Badazz OG
Type: 40 % INDICA / 60 % SATIVA

While Acid Dough was created from a Lilly selection made by Ripper Seeds, this limited edition is produced from the Pineapple clone of Lilly, which is less acidic and has more pronounced pineapple aromas.

A 60% Sativa hybrid, Lilly x Badazz OG is a vigorously growing strain that will mature after 75 to 80 days of flowering, providing a generous harvest of fat buds that are copiously covered with resin.

Its aroma is fruity, dominated by pineapple on a floral background, and lingering on the palate, while the effect of Lilly x OG Badazz is very relaxing, and is ideal for getting off to sleep at the end of the day.