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Pack 100 uds. € 350.00
THC: 15-20%
CBD: 0,7%
Crossing: Critical Mass X Speed Devil #2
Type: Indica: 48,43% / Sativa: 48,44% / Ruderalis: 3,12%

This hybrid is the result of crossing an autoflowering Critical Mass genetic line from the Sweet Seeds® R&D Department, chosen for its fast flowering and pleasant intense aroma, with a selected strain of very fast flowering, our Speed Devil #2 Auto® (SWS25).

This autoflowering strain has been developed through the search for the genetic traits responsible for very fast flowering.

The final result is a strain that is ready to harvest only 7 weeks after germination.

It produces thick buds covered with aromatic resin.

Sweet and fruity aromas with hints of yeast and cheese.